Our response to coronavirus

As the world continues to be impacted by COVID-19, our thoughts and prayers extend to those who have been affected.

At Rhalyn’s, we are taking steps to support some of our employees who are not working at this time, and we are taking precautions to create a safe work environment at our distribution and fulfillment centers that remain open. This situation has affected some of our suppliers, and we are working with other suppliers to keep our supplies available for shipping.

At this moment, we are running our online sales with limited customer service. Please be patient while we all go thru this critical situation. Be advised that we are responding to all emails but with limited support. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Shipping & deliveries

Will my shipment be delayed?
Due to the impact of COVID-19, order deliveries may be temporarily delayed. But we are working hard to deliver items on time when we can. Some orders are being delayed for about 30 days. Please send us a DM and we’ll be happy to assist with your specific order.

Can my gym equipment still be delivered?
Gym equipment are still being delivered. Please send us a DM and we’d be happy to assist with finding just the right style for your space.

Shopping, payment & returns

Can I still buy online?
Yes! Our online store is open 24/7 for all your self-care, stay-comfy and any picks from top brands + new spring styles for you and your home. Plus, everyone gets Free Shipping at $25. Details

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